Bluebird Nesting Boxes and Backyard Bird Feeding – Dos and Don’ts

Posted on October 3, 2017 · Posted in Bulletin Board

“Sunday, October 29th, 3PM at the Chester Meeting House, “Bluebird Nesting Boxes and Backyard Bird Feeding – Dos and Don’ts.

Local bird expert, Matthew Male, will give a presentation on how to set up bluebird nest boxes and bird-feeding stations in your yard.  He’ll discuss the natural history of bluebirds, how to mount and position a nest box, ways to prevent predators and parasites, and how to monitor progress.  He will also provide information on providing supplemental food and water to backyard birds, including various feeder types, seed mixes and foods, who eats what, and how to maintain a healthy feeding station.

The program is co-sponsored by the Chester Conservation Commission and the Chester Library.  A limited number of free ready-to-assemble bluebird house kits will be available for attendees wanting to place a nest box in their yard.”

Photo Credit: Paul Fusco