Advice from Gov. Malloy on how to help assist with Hurricane Harvey

Posted on September 1, 2017 · Posted in Bulletin Board


Governor Malloy, along with Lt. Governor Wyman and Commissioner Schriro has issued important guidance (below) on how we can best help survivors cope with the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.



In addition, any requests for assistance from Texas or Louisiana are coordinated through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact or EMAC, the state-to-state system used throughout the country to provide requested mutual aid. As the state point of contact for EMAC, we are actively engaged in reviewing all requests. Our Regional Coordinators are keeping track of your offers of assistance in case a need for those resources are identified by the requesting states.


Please do not consider self-deploying. This storm event is still very dangerous, with the potential to impact additional areas of Texas and Louisiana. As the situation changes, needs may also change in these areas. We will continue to monitor any requests for assistance from our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana.


Urges Donors to Take Several Precautionary Steps Before Giving to Ensure Their Generous Donations Are Going to Reputable Organizations

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy is advising Connecticut residents who are generously considering providing monetary donations to nonprofit organizations that are assisting with Hurricane Harvey response and recovery in the Texas area to take several steps of precaution in order to ensure that their charitable giving is being used in accordance with the intent in which it was given.


“Past experience has taught us that the best way we can help survivors in a disaster, particularly in the first days, is to donate funds to trusted charitable organizations that are often on the frontlines working in close partnership with first responders,” Governor Malloy said. “These funds will help those in need as the Houston region begins to recover. We are grateful to these organizations and to the first responders for all the direct assistance they are providing to the people impacted by this storm.”


“Connecticut knows first-hand how important assistance and resources are during storm recovery,” Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman said. “I urge residents to donate through these trusted sources so help gets to the people who need it the most.”


Catastrophic situations can unfortunately be opportunities for fraud. Scam charities often solicit funds via email, telephone, and even pop-up ads on social media. It is always important to do research on a charity before giving by visiting the organization’s website, calling to ask questions, and making sure they have the appropriate credentials in the states they operate. Consumers are encouraged to donate to organizations they are familiar with in order to ensure their money is going to the best place possible.


“We urge everyone to remain vigilant when responding to requests to assist flood victims in Texas and Louisiana,” Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Dora Schriro said. “Donors should exercise caution when responding to any email with a subject line, attachment, or hyperlink related to Hurricane Harvey, even if it appears to originate from a trusted source.”


Donors considering giving to those in need are encouraged to take the following precautions before transmitting funds:


 Use caution when opening email attachments.

Do not log onto an unsolicited web link.




 Keep antivirus and other computer software on your computer up-to-date.


 Verify the authenticity of any email solicitation by contacting the organization directly through a bona fide contact number; the BBB National Charity Report Index is an excellent resource.

The following is a list of some of the reputable organizations currently accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all charitable organizations providing assistance to those impacted by the storm:

CT 211

 Online:

Red Cross

 Online:

Call: 1-800-RED CROSS




 Text: HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation


 Online:

Call: 1-800-486HELP





United Way Houston

 Online:

Text: UWFLOOD to 41444





Food Banks in Hurricane Harvey-Impacted Areas

 Houston Food Bank:

Galveston Food Bank:


Food Bank of the Golden Crescent (Victoria):


Corpus Christi Food Bank:


Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont):


Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr):


Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan):


Central Texas Food Bank (Austin):


San Antonio Food Bank:



Additionally, a listing of organizations that have been vetted by FEMA can be found here.




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