Library Staff & Board

Library Staff

Your librarians look forward to assisting you at the Chester Library, whether you have a reference question, are looking for a good read, or want to settle in for the evening with an interesting movie.

Stephanie Romano, Library Director
Stephanie joined the Chester Library team July 2016, having previously worked in Old Lyme as Access Services Manager. Catch Stephanie at the library Monday –Thursday ’til closing. She welcomes your suggestions for book and movie purchases, and library programs, as well as your thoughts on anything else library related.

Pam Larson, Assistant Librarian
Pam, a film buff and a wonderful resource when you are looking for a good movie, joined your library staff in 1997. You’ll find Pam at the Library all day Monday and Friday when she is busy tracking down items patrons want but Chester Library doesn’t own.

Trish Guccione, Children’s Librarian

Trish began working as the new Children’s librarian February 2017.  As a child, she spent many hours at the library and enjoys bringing her own children, Sofia,  and Sam to the library as much as possible. Books have always been a huge part of her life from working at a local bookstore during college, to volunteering at the Essex Library while her children were in school.  Trish is thrilled to be the new Chester Children’s Librarian citing it as a “dream come true.” Join Trish for Story Hour, every Monday at 10:30 a.m. and be on the lookout for lots of fun new children’s and family programs in the future!

Michael Steffman, Circulation
Michael starting working at the Chester Library February 2017.  Michael grew up in Middletown and currently resides there with his wife Jennifer and cat Nina.  Michael’s career path was a little different than most attending college in his 30’s starting at Middlesex then moving on to Trinity and is now enrolled in the Library Science program at Syracuse.  Before that he drove trucks, delivered mail, installed siding and owned his own pizza place.  This is Michael’s first library position and he is excited to be working at the Chester Library learning the “library world.”  Michael works Thursday afternoons and Saturdays.

Patty Petrus, Circulation
Patty has been part of Chester Library since 1984, and a whole generation of Chester children was introduced to the library through her creative Monday morning story times and summer reading programs. Patty is now at the desk to assist you on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.


Library Board of Trustees

Terry Schreiber, Chair

Terry has been on the Library Board of Directors since the late 1990’s and now serves as Chairperson. She and her husband have lived in Chester since 1972. Terry owns and operates Flight Way Farm. She has taught horseback riding for over 40 years. Terry is also on the Board of Directors of Camp Hazen and has been a Literacy Volunteer for 12 years. She enjoys riding, kayaking, gardening, reading, hiking and spending time with her family.


Karin Badger

Karin is an Art Director and Graphic Designer, specializing in book design. Holder of a BFA from Hartford Art School, Karin has worked in NY and CT for over 38 years for Garland Publishing, Hinterhoellar Yachts, and AT&T, and freelanced for publishers in US, UK, and Germany. A Chester resident since 2005, Karin is a member of the Chester Democratic Town Committee and a board member of the Robbie Collomore Music Series. Karin says, “Libraries have been a very significant, wonderful influence on my life, I feel they are an immensely important part of the community.”


Peggy Carter-Ward, Treasurer
Peggy has been on the Library Board of Directors since 2002. She is the Head of Content for a Reed Elsevier online compliance information service for HR professionals called Her mother was a Librarian; as a result, Peggy has had a love of libraries since she was little! Peggy enjoys reading, baking, crafts, outdoor activities, and most of all, her family.


Sandy Senior-Dauer, Vice Chair

Sandy has been on the Library Board of Directors since 2000. She is enjoying the pleasures of retirement after 33 years of teaching history at the high school and university levels. Ever on the go, Sandy is Program Chair of the Chester Historical Society, serves on the Chester Land Trust Board, is past president of the New England History Teachers Association and Connecticut Council for the Social Studies, continues to serve on many National Social Studies committees, and is Vice President of the Connecticut Fulbright Alumni Association. Sandy enjoys domestic and foreign travel with her husband, Keith, cooking, tennis, reading, volunteer work, politics and gardening.

Denny Tovey

Abigail Rice



The Chester Library Board of Trustees will meet on the third Monday of every month  at the Chester Public Library, 21 West Main Street, Chester at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted –

November 20, 2017

December 18, 2017

Meetings are open to the public and the Trustees welcome community input.

Agendas /Minutes

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