STORM UPDATE 3/10 : 9:30 AM

Posted on March 10, 2018 ยท Posted in Bulletin Board

More than 60% of Chester now has power (10% more just this morning)…we have 7 Eversource contracted crews in Chester today working hard to get the rest restored. I know that Eversource messages have said 11 pm tomorrow – that is their goal to have 99% or higher back to power, but most should be restored way before that. As there are many breaks and faults along the three circuits running through Chester, some circuits are up but there are gaps in the circuit that have to be fixed before certain streets will go light.

The JW shelter is closing at 1 pm today (only two families from the three towns utilized for sleeping last night), but the school will be open for showers until 4 pm today.

The Regional Shelter at Haddam-Killingworth Middle School is open until noon Sunday – open to all in the region.

Our townwide email has been down because we have been unable to access the distribution lists – please share this widely and ask friends to share info outside of the internet as well. Thank you.