Town Government

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Assessment Appeals: This board is designed to serve as an appeal body for taxpayers who believe the town has erred in the valuation of their property or erroneously denied them exemptions.

Board of Selectmen: The Town of Chester is governed by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Meeting. The Selectmen act as the executive branch, and the Town Meeting is the legislative body that is open to all registered voters and property owners.

Cedar Lake Advisory: The Cedar Lake Advisory Committee manages and monitors the condition of Cedar Lake.

Conservation: This commission maintains an open space inventory for the town and makes recommendations regarding the conservation and best uses of our natural resources.

Economic Development: The Economic Development Commission (EDC) aims to foster Chester’s economic vitality by attracting and retaining businesses that benefit those who live or work in Chester.

Finance: The Board of Finance oversees the raising and expending of Town revenues.

Fire: The Fire Commission oversees the town’s fire-fighting resources and participates in emergency response planning. The Fire Marshal oversees and coordinates fire-related safety issues and programs. The Chester Hose Company has its own website.

Harbor Management: This commission maintains the town’s Harbor Management Plan in accordance with guidelines from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Inland Wetlands: The Inland Wetlands Commission considers the short and long-term effects of proposed activities on wetlands, seeking alternatives that minimize impact while allowing property owners use of their land.

Park and Recreation: This commission seeks to promote healthy lifestyles through recreation. The commission is responsible for the maintenance and renovation of 7 facilities in Chester.

Planning and Zoning: The P&Z Commission develops and maintains zoning regulations that respond to developing technologies, changing market conditions, and increasing demands placed on the development and use of land.

Retirement: The Retirement Board administers three town retirement plans and manages the investment of funds for these plans.

Water Pollution Control: The Water Pollution Authority (WPCA) is responsible for wastewater management for the town of Chester.

Zoning: See Planning & Zoning.

Zoning Appeals: The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) manages the application process for a zoning variance and assists town residents, land owners, and tenants in applying for a variance.