Town Services

Please use the Directory at the left to access more information about the following:

Animal Control: The Animal Control Officer is responsible for answering residents’ complaints of activity regarding dogs only. For complaints regarding wildlife, please call the DEP Wildlife Division 860-424-3011.

Assessor: The Town Assessor is responsible for listing and determining the value of all real and personal property within the town.

Building Department: The Building Department is charged to enforce Connecticut Building Codes on all new construction in town. This includes safety regulations for construction workers.

Education: The Education entry in the Directory contains a direct link to the Region 4 website. For more information, see the Schools entry.

Emergency Management: This organization is responsible for regional emergency response planning.

Energy Task Force – E Team: provides guidance to the Board of Selectmen and operational units of government and provides valuable information to residents on topics including energy
conservation, renewable energy systems and related topics.

Fire: The Fire Commission oversees the town’s fire-fighting resources and participates in emergency response planning. The Fire Marshal oversees and coordinates fire-related safety issues and programs. The Chester Hose Company has its own website.

First Selectman: As the head of the Board of Selectmen, the First Selectman is the chief executive of our town.

Health: The Fire, Police, Safety, and Public Health page contains information on these topics.

Justices of the Peace: This entry links to a list of Justices for Chester.

Library: The Library entry in the Directory contains a direct link to the Chester Public Library website.

Police: The Fire, Police, Safety, and Public Health page contains information on these topics.

Probate: Probate Court jurisdictions include wills and estate settlements, conservatorships, parental rights, adoptions, and guardianships. These Courts also handle name changes and passport applications.

Public Works: The Public Works Department maintains the town’s infrastructure, including the repair and plowing of roads and the maintenance of town properties.

Registrar: The party registrars manage the registration of qualified voters for town, state, and federal elections and ensure the integrity of our voting process.

Sanitation: The Sanitarian is responsible for ensuring compliance with the State of Connecticut Public Health Code regulations and requirements.

Schools: The Chester Board of Education establishes a set of goals and operational objectives that guide our public schools.

Social Services: The Social Services Director manages programs and services that assist the elderly, infirm, and economically challenged residents of our town.

Tax Collector: The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting taxes levied on properties assessed by the town Assessor.

Town Clerk: Town Clerk responsibilities include recording and maintaining official records and documents and offering assistance to all who come to Town Hall.

Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the cash flow, investment, and borrowing of town funds in the most profitable and safe means available. All Town funds are received and disbursed by the Treasurer, when appropriately authorized.

Tree Warden: The Town Tree Warden is responsible for the care and control of all trees and shrubs within the limits of any public road or grounds except those along state highways under the control of the Commissioner of Transportation. It is his responsibility to see that public trees are maintained properly, removed if deemed hazardous and replaced where necessary.

Utilities: The Fire, Police, Safety, and Public Health page contains information on these topics, including links to our local power and water companies.

Waste Disposal: By Town Ordinance, residents are required to have a private hauler for household trash; most haulers also pickup recyclables. A permit is required for Chester residents to use the Deep River Transfer Station, where no household garbage is accepted. See page for details.