Tax Collector


Madaline A. Meyer
Tax Collector
203 Middlesex Ave.
P.O. Box 314 ( All payments should be addressed to P.O. Box)
Chester, CT  06412-0314

Office Phone: 860-526-0013 ext. 513

Upstairs Fax: 860-526-0028

New this July, because of Covid 19, Governor Lamont issued Executive Order 7 S, which gave each town in CT the option of picking a plan to help taxpayers. Chester chose the deferred plan which means taxes are still indeed due July 1st, however, this year and this year only, a taxpayer has the option of paying in July or August or September, with no interest or penalty or fees. The only taxes that must be paid in July are escrow payments from the bank and escrow companies and landlords. Landlords must pay in July or apply for deferment before July 1st for this deferment option. They should use the application which is below this information.

Keep in mind, we hope as many people pay in July as possible, to help the town, but also if you need to defer your payment to Aug or September, don’t forget to pay, since then on Oct 2nd and later, the interest goes back to July 1st due date at 18% interest and that will be a lot of extra money. If you are a landlord, the application is attached below and it must be completed and emailed back to the Tax Collector on or before July 1st requesting deferment. The correct email address is Good luck paying your taxes this year and stay well and stay safe.

All tax bills will be mailed on Friday, June 19th, but our preference is that you mail payment back to us any time starting July 1st, & not come into Town Hall to stay safer! Have a great day and stay well and stay safe! Sincerely, Madaline Meyer, TC Chester

Application for Tax Relief Deferral Program

Friendly Reminder:   Real Estate taxes are due in July and January

                                          Personal Property taxes are due in July and January if the total bill is over $100, otherwise bills less than

                                          $100 are due in full in July.

                                          Motor Vehicle bills are due in July in full but Motor Vehicle Supplemental bills are due in January in full.

                                          Please do not wait till the last moment, because bad storms close down Town Hall, or power goes out

                                          and computers won’t  work, or emergencies could occur shutting down the Tax Office.   Only two people

                                          can clear a delinquent MV bill with the DMV and if we each are out due to an emergency, you will not get

                                          cleared with DMV till one of us is back in the office.   Paying MV bills on time is the best solution to this

                                          possibility not causing you any delay or problem registering a MV.    

                                                                                                             Madaline Meyer, Tax Collector




  • Mon., Tues. & Thurs.   9-12 noon and 1-4 pm
    Weds. 9-12 noon only
    Last Friday of July and January  9-12 noon
  • Tues. & Thurs. 9-12 noon and 1-4 pm
    Weds. 9-12 noon only

Title Searchers or lawyers should contact the Tax Collector or Tax Clerk by email or phone if printouts are needed, especially on voting days, when our offices must be closed. When offices are closed to the public during voting days, the staff could be available by email, fax or phone.

The Chester tax office does NOT accept credit or debit cards.   Payment for delinquent MV bills that need DMV clearance must be paid by cash, postal money order, bank check or thru your own bank, setting the Tax Collector as an account that needs to be paid.   Your own bank payment works well but could take a week for us to receive and process.   Any questions, email or call during business hours at 860 526 0013 x 513 for amount and information!

Tax information is available online!

Tax information is available online! Below is the link for searching online for your current grand list taxes.   Be sure to type in either a last name and at least an initial or a street address to find the information that you need. If you are looking for information about just land, in most cases, then no parcel number should be used.


Tax Office Responsibilities

The Tax Collector’s office is responsible for:

1. The collection of taxes for RE, PP, and MV.
2. The collection of the WPCA usage bills.
3. The collection of the twenty year Benefit Assessments, which began April 1, 2010 for anyone on the town sewer line.
4. The registration, during the month of October each year, of all the aircraft that are currently based at Chester Airport, which is close to 110 to 118 aircraft, ranging from ultra-lights to multi-engine planes.

Madaline Meyer, Tax Collector
860-526-0013, Ext. 513

Tax Clerk
860-526-0013, Ext. 513